Our Mission


The Mission of the Rogue River Watershed Partners is to Protect, Preserve, and Promote the Rogue River, its Tributaries, and its Watershed.

  • We work to achieve this mission through community stewardship, education, and watershed-based, land-use planning.
  • We envision a healthy, life-giving Rogue River that is sustained by residents of this watershed, including the towns, townships, businesses, agriculture, and outdoor enthusiasts who are privileged to live near, and who benefit from, this priceless resource.

Board Members 

Julie Lovelace

Julie Lovelace is the Secretary of the Partners.  She is Zoning Administrator/Watershed Coordinator for Cannon Township.  She has been with the group for roughly five years.

Brett Vredevoogd
Project Director
Robert Stegmeijer

Bob is a member of the Dwight Lydell Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America since 1952. He has been active with the RRWP for about 10 years and a Trustee for about 5 years. He is also active with the LGROW.  His greatest concern is increasing flood levels and insufficient mitigation from development.

Gretchen Zuiderveen


To view a larger map of the Rogue River and its surrounding areas, click here!