Wetland Workshops

The Rogue River Watershed Partners teamed up with Trout Unlimited, Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to host a number of wetland workshops across communities in the Rogue River watershed. The workshops highlighted programs that assist private landowners to restore historic wetlands on their properties which improves water quality and wildlife habitat. Landowners that meet federal requirements may be eligible for wetland restoration payments that pay between $2,000-$5,000 per acre in Kent, Newaygo, and Ottawa Counties. So far these have had attendance and as a result, we have connected with a local landowner that was able to restore 30 acres of wetlands in Sparta and placed in a conservation easement in perpetuity. We are still pursuing other leads for potential landowners that we connected with as well. We are very pleased with the success of this program and hope to continue these efforts into the future.