GOAL 1: PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Develop specific programs that address potential and actual harm to this watershed, including the river, its tributaries, stream banks, and wetlands. We seek to enrich and improve areas that no longer have the biodiversity necessary to be thriving, self-sustaining, communities.

GOAL 2: CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT: We are a group of citizen volunteers, and we welcome others to join us as we work to Protect, Preserve, and Promote the Rogue River and its Watershed. Our monthly meetings are open to the public; we sponsor free programs, related to environmental issues, where discussions take place; we encourage membership in our organization by paying a yearly fee.

GOAL 3: PARTNERSHIPS A number of private, as well as state governmental organizations, currently send representatives to our meetings, for which we are most grateful. We are eager to develop additional partnerships with the communities, businesses, and educational institutions that are located in, or concerned about, this Watershed.

GOAL 4: FUNDING: We are looking at ways to raise money that will fund the materials we need to complete projects and programs that we consider vital to our mission.